By Laws





The club shall be known by the title of THE TOUCHDOWN CLUB OF ARLINGTON.


The purpose of the club shall be (1) to promote the physical and social welfare of the youth of Arlington, (2) and to promote good fellowship and sociability among the members.


The membership shall consist of not more than one hundred Twenty-Five(125) regular members, fifty (50) honorary members, and fifty (50) life members, and shall be open to any male resident of the Town of Arlington. Provided however, that any member may retain his membership if he ceases to be a resident of the Town of Arlington.


Section 1. The officers of the club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and an Auditor.

Section 2. Prior to the Annual Meeting provided for in Article 4 hereof the President shall appoint a Committee which shall be composed of five members of the club, and which shall be known as the Nominating Committee. It shall be the duty of the Committee so appointed to nominate from the active members of the club, officers, (with the exception of the President) for the next ensuing year. Said Committee shall report to the club at its Annual Meeting the names of the members so nominated by the Committee. Thereupon the officers of the club shall be elected by vote of a majority of the membership at said meeting.

Section 3. Any officer may be chosen to succeed himself for a term of one additional year but he shall not be allowed to hold the same office for a successive period longer than two years, provided that this section shall have no application to the Recording Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, who may be elected at the will of the membership.

Executive Board

Section 1. There shall be selected annually from the active membership of the club six (6) members who shall meet with the officers of the club to formulate plans and decide all purposes and procedures of the club. One of these six (6) members shall be known as the Director of Special Events. These six (6) members, together with the officers of the club, and the immediate Past President, shall constitute the Executive Board. They shall be selected by the committee appointed by the President in the manner provided for in Section 2 of Article IV, hereof. They shall be selected to serve for a term of one year. The six (6) members so chosen may be chosen to succeed themselves for an additional term of one year with the exception of the Director of Special Events who may succeed himself indefinitely by vote of the membership.

Section 2. Vacancies occurring among the members of the Executive Board shall be filled by selection of the Executive Board, such Officers or Board Members to serve only until the next Annual Meeting.


Section 1. The club shall meet on the second Thursday evening of each month from September to June inclusive at places designated by the Executive Board.

Section 2. The regular September Meeting shall be the Annual Meeting for hearing reports from all of the Officers and standing committees.

Section 3. Special Meetings may be called by the Executive Board at such times as it deems to be advisable. Notice of such special meetings shall be given to the members in writing, setting forth the purpose thereof. At any special meeting only such business as is specified in the notice may be transacted.

Section 4. Regular and Associate members are required to attend seven (7) of the ten(10) regularly scheduled meetings each year. Exemptions may be granted, subject to approval of the Executive Board, upon written request from a member for any valid or substantial reason.


Any proposed amendment to this constitution may be submitted in writing at any regular meeting of the club. Such proposed amendment must be signed by three active members of the organization before being submitted to the meeting by the Recording Secretary. After such notice, it may be voted on at the next regular meeting and shall become a part of the Constitution only if approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at said meeting.



Section 1. Names of proposed new members shall be submitted to the Executive Board in writing. Each name shall be proposed by one member and endorsed by two other members who know the candidate personally.

Section 2. All names of candidates for membership who have been passed by a two-thirds favorable vote of the members of the Executive Board present and voting by secret ballot, shall be recommended to the club at a regular meeting. A favorable majority vote of all those present and voting at such meeting shall represent acceptance of the candidate for membership in the club.

Section 3. If at any time a member wishes to resign from the club, he shall give notice of such intention in writing to the Executive Board.

Section 4. All Honorary Members must attend at least 3 of the 10 regular meetings of the club held from September to June inclusive, of any club year, unless this requirement is waived by the Executive Board.

Section 5. Life Membership may be granted to any member who has been a member in good standing for twenty-five years.


Section 1. The annual dues for regular, honorary and associate members shall be eighty ($90.00) dollars. There shall be no dues for life members.

Section 2. The annual dues shall be payable on or before the December meeting of each year.

Section 3. Members who have been declared in arrears in the payment of dues shall not be eligible to vote. Members who have failed to pay their dues within thirty(30) days of the date on which such dues became payable shall be declared in arrears.

Section 4. Any member whose dues have not been paid for three months from the date on which they were due may be dropped from membership by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 5. Any member who has been dropped from membership because of non-payment of dues, or who has been absent from three of the ten regular club meetings which are held from September to June inclusive without adequate excuse, may not be reinstated except in the manner provided for in Article 1, hereof, and then only if he has paid in full his dues which may be in arrears.

Section 6. No cancellation or refund of dues shall be made if a member resigns, or otherwise ceases to become a member.

Duties of Officers

Section 1. The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings at which he is present, shall exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of the club and shall serve ex-officio on all standing committees.

Section 2. The VICE-PRESIDENT shall assume the duties of the President during his absence. The Vice-President shall succeed to the Presidency at the Annual Meeting for the next ensuing year.

Section 3(a). The TREASURER shall receive all club funds, keep them in a local bank or depository and pay out funds only on an order signed by the President and Vice-President, provided however, that no sum of money in excess of fifty ($50.00) dollars shall be appropriated or expended for any purpose without prior approval of the Executive Board.

Section 3(b). The ASSISTANT TREASURER shall assist the Treasurer, he shall be responsible to the Treasurer and the Executive Board for monthly receipts.

Section 4. The RECORDING SECRETARY shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the club which shall be an accurate and official record of all business transacted. The Recording Secretary shall also be the custodian of all club records unless a special officer shall be appointed for that purpose.

Section 5. The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall conduct all correspondence of the club.

Section 6. The AUDITOR shall examine the records of the Treasurer and certify to their correctness to the club not less than once a year.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the club shall consist of the Officers of the club and six members selected by the committee as provided by Article 5, Section 1 of the Constitution. The duties of the Executive Board of the club shall be to consider, promote, and transact the business of the club.


All committees shall be appointed by the President.


Fifty-one (51%) percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Order of Business

The Order of Business at all meetings of this club shall be as follows:

  1. Meeting called to order

  2. Roll call

  3. Reading of minutes of previous meeting

  4. Reports of officers and committee chairmen

  5. Unfinished business

  6. New business

  7. Program

  8. Adjournment

Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order, as revised shall be the Parliamentary authority of this club.


Any amendment to these By-Laws may be proposed at any regular meeting, to be adopted by a majority vote at the following meeting, provided the proposed amendment receives the approval of the Executive Board during the interim.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is limited to non-residents of the Town of Arlington. The membership shall not exceed fifty(50) members. No more than two associate members may serve on the executive board at the same time. An associate member may apply for regular membership if he becomes a resident of the Town of Arlington.

Cease Existence

If the Touchdown Club of Arlington ceases to exist, all monies in the treasury, after existing bills are satisfied, will be forwarded to Arlington Town Treasurer to be used for the promotion of the physical and social welfare of the youth of Arlington.