McAvoy Family

The McAvoy family has been involved with the Touchdown Club since its inception in 1944.

Three brothers honored the club with their membership.

James McAvoy was one of the founding fathers and was elected the club’s first president. due to an illness he was unable to serve.

John McAvoy was the club’s president from 1957 to 1958.

Arthur McAvoy, who the Arthur J. McAvoy/Arlington Touchdown Club award was named, served as president from 1975 to 1976. He was also the Club’s historian serving as chairman. The club will never have a more loyal and dedicated member.

Every year the Touchdown Club, which Arthur loved, and his family and friends honor his memory by giving recognition to a graduating Arlington senior who gives more to his/her peers than he/she receives.

Recipients of this Award are selected by the trustees of the McAvoy Foundation from nominations from the six local high schools, Arlington High School, Arlington Catholic High School, Matignon High School, Lexington Christian Academy, Minuteman Technical High School and Boston College High School.

The Touchdown Club wishes to give our special thanks to the McAvoy family for their continuing support and commitment to the youth of Arlington.