Member News

Welcome to the new Touchdown Club of Arlington website! The site was created to provide our members with easy access to information about our upcoming events and contact information. It will also serve as a historical record of our events and mission.

We invite you to sponsor a link from the Touchdown Club’s web site to your business! We believe this to be a mutually beneficial program which will give the sponsor a greater business exposure to our members as well as the Arlington community (and beyond!) while helping to make the site self-sufficient. Please choose from one of the following options and click on the email link below with your contact information.

A member of the Web Site Committee will contact you regarding the details for submitting a web link and or logo/image.

  • $25 Sponsorship per Year — a web link (URL only) underneath your name on the Membership List Page.
  • $75 Sponsorship per Year — a web link (URL only) from the Club’s Home Page to your web site. (i.e.;
  • $100 Sponsorship per Year — your business logo or image located on the Club’s Home Page which will link to your business home page

Please note:

The option to participate in the Sponsorship Program will be offered each January and your link will appear on the Web site starting February 1st.

Likewise, the option for Sponsorship Renewal will only be available during the month of January.

Yes, I would like to participate!